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Our incoming exchange student Perrine Crusson talks about herself and her expectations of a year in Australia

Hello, my name is Perrine Crusson, I'm 17 years old. I live in a small town next to Saint-Brieuc (46 000 inhabitants). It's in the north of Brittany (west of France) next to the sea side.

In my French school I am in scientific speciality (year 11), so I have a lot of maths, physics and biology. We have 32 pupils in my class. I also take part in the optional “European class” which means that I have studied chemistry and physics in English. My favourite subject was English of course.

Perrine with Jennie Tinworth
Perrine with Jennie Tinworth

I have two brothers Théophane (18 years old) - he is at the end of his Youth Exchange in USA (he will come back to France in the end of July), Eugène (15 years old) and one sister Léonie (13 years old).
My mother is a nurse and my father is a civil servant he works with controlling the water supply. We live in a house in the centre of the town of Plérin. We have a garden, two cats and 2 chickens.
I've already visited two times England and once to Spain with my school for one week on each trip. I have visited three times to Morocco (2 weeks each), once to Italy (2 weeks), Austria (2 weeks) and Germany (1 week) with my family.
I have a lot of passions, during my free time. I practice judo - I'm brown belt! I did modern jazz dance for 10 years and this year I started hip hop. I draw in a plastic art club for 9 years, I like art in general, especially visual art. I used to be in a drama club but this year I had to stop so instead I started chess club in Saint-Brieuc, I really like this game, I met new people in this club, and for a beginner I managed well! Outside these activities and clubs I like to meet my friends and watch series and films in original version (English).
After high school I would like to continue scientific studies in the medical or computer field, anyway the English language will help me in my future career.
This year is very special for me because I’m doing the Rotary Youth Exchange in Australia and my host club is the Rotary of Aspley.
I arrived in Brisbane airport in the night of the Wednesday 5th of July. I’m in a great host family (Jack and Heather Wilson) where I feel very lucky. They teach me a lot about the Australian culture and they show me different places from the City of Brisbane to the rain forest!
I also started school classes at Wavell State High School on 10th of July in Wavell. I’ve only had a week of class but I can say that it’s a good high school. I have found some nice girls that will convert me into a real Australian by the end of the school term!

Perrine at the Mo Charcoal
Perrine (foreground on the left) at the Mo Charcoal restaurant (July 9th) with others on the table including Brian and Anna McIntyre, John and Judy Thompson and Brian Stickland