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Rotary Theme 2017-2018




Our new President's inaugural welcome to the new Rotary year

Board team have re-enlisted to carry on the work that we do, and for that I thank them especially along with our new recruits.

What a great way to kick off a new year, perfect weather, a good crowd and a bbq lunch to celebrate, thank you to all those who could make it for a great day.
Steve TinworthWith the changes we have introduced this year, sees our first regular meeting in week 2 on the calendar, which is something we may need to get used to as we navigate the path of change.
This Thursday is an important meeting and I encourage all available members to come along with open minds and plenty of opinions. The year is far too young at this point to be reporting on activities however, with your help, we will soon have the map to our years work identified and under way.
I can report that, following a phone conversation with DG Seneke Amerasinghe Sri Lanka & Maldives, that our International Grant project is back on track and heading for a soon to be realised conclusion.  In addition, DG Seneke passes on his best wishes to you all for a rewarding and enjoyable year.
There are a number of issues up for discussion at this meeting followed by a report card back to you all regarding the recent survey.  The journey begins this week, so come along and join me in fellowship and adventure.
To those travelling wanderers out there, stay safe, keep the shiney side up and above all enjoy life until we meet again.


Steve Tinworth