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Rotary Theme 2017-2018




The DG's visit in August

Aspley Rotary members were delighted to have DG Alan Stephens as Guest Speaker at the last meeting.  

Alan spoke enthusiastically about the Power of the Rotary organisation.  He opened with an account of how the organisation was named Rotary because of the networking between businesses as members rotated around their business clubs.   However networking wasn’t enough and that’s why the social side of Alan StephensRotary came into being.
Highlights of Alan’s talk included his admiration of the Rotary Peace Centres and Peace Fellows and the fact that the University of Queensland was one of the 6 Peace Centres in the world.
Alan was also jubilant that the number of Polio cases had dropped to 19 this year and that these things can happen because of one man’s idea and that was the power of Rotary.  
Another example of what can happen because of  “one man’s idea” was Shelter Box and another was Aspley Rotary’s Chook Project.  
The Seoul Korea Convention which was attended by 42,000 people, exemplified the power of Rotary in that only one organisation could bring that many people together to make a difference.
Alan's focus for the year includes breaking down the barriers between District and Clubs, Vocational Service and Foundation.